20″ VCT wheels,

5×114.3 fits most American Cars

any set of 4, plus new tires

5×114.3 bolt pattern, most GM, Chrysler and Ford cars.  Tires Size: 245/35/20

$1,150 out the door!




Finding the right car, the right deal, the right accessories,

and the right parts can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be!

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Find the car you want fast, hassle free. You sit back and click and let us do the work. All types of finance options, layaway options, customizing, delivery and vehicle repair.


A car is as reliable as you are willing to maintain it. Granted, some cars are more reliable and engineered better than others, but all cars require maintenance. The more you know about your car’s maintenance requirements, the better you can do preventive maintenance, and not wait until when something goes wrong.


Fig 8 Reinstalling Drain Plug

When buying a vehicle, which is always a major investment, it’s good to have someone experienced, knowledgeable and familiar with cars, the history, costs of parts, service, engine model changes, and financing. That would be us….AUTOBUK!

Autobuk users are well educated and knowledgeable about the vehicles they drive and expect the best in engineering and performance.   Because Autobuk’s  focus is European Vehicles, our network is among the strongest and most comprehensive in the nation. Here you will find rare, quality and modern classic European and American automobiles and some fantastic deals.

FINANCING   We offer of variety of finance optionsthat include conventional bank financing to alternative financing such as note/lease takeovers, owner financed deals and no credit check options.  We consult our clients on a variety of alternatives we have available when buying of selling a vehicle.no credit check  banner


Look to Autobuk for deals on Classic Cars and restore projects. We list a variety of both foreign and domestic classic cars, muscle to luxury.


PARTS   We have the majority of auto parts at discount prices for your foreign – exotic -performance vehicle. We carry authentic OEM imported parts and cover everything from brakes and suspension, electronic relays to sensors and wiring, to engine, transmission, exhaust, oils and lubricants.







WHEELS  We have in our inventory an extensive wheel collectionfor domestic cars, as well as  OEM factory

replica wheels for Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, VW, Land Rover and Jaguar.  Featured wheels are built to the

exact specifications, height, width, offset, weight as the originals.

INSURANCE  We LINK for the top insurance providers.  Use our easy insurance quote application and take advantage of special deals and incentives on insurance coverage offered exclusively to Autobuk clients. It’s fast easy and saves you time and money.

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